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SA gaming startup excels at the EIG Expo

GBG co-founders Greg Hamilton Stevens, from SA, and Luka Ciganek, of Croatia, at the EIG Expo Startup Launchpad in Berlin. The South African gaming scene has gained popularity and attention from international investments as well as the world’s top [Read story...]

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Yahsat appoints Farhad Khan as new CCO

Farhad Khan appointed as new Chief Commercial Officer. Al Yah Satellite Communications Company (Yahsat) has has appointed Farhad Khan as its Chief Commercial Officer (CCO). Farhad will be responsible for the overall customer operations, marketing and [Read story...]

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UN fears more cholera in Haiti

The scale of a cholera outbreak in Haiti after Hurricane Matthew may be under reported because remote areas are cut off, a United Nations official in charge of controlling the disease said on Tuesday [Read story...]

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Cybersecurity skills gap is a danger to businesses

The number of cyber attacks being carried out globally is continuously growing, and has seen significant acceleration in the last five years. A recent study by PwC found that the number of cyber security incidents across all industries rose by 38% in [Read story...]

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Banking: True consequences of a security breach

Financial institutions often underestimate the consequences of a breach. By doing so, they risk misjudging the value of high-quality online and mobile security, says Renata Fischer, SVP Sales of Entersekt. Renata Fischer is the SVP Sales of Entersekt [Read story...]


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Cricket South Africa extend Domingo deal – AOL UK

AOL UKCricket South Africa extend Domingo dealAOL UKRussell Domingo will remain in charge of South Africa for the Champions Trophy and their tour of England after having his contract extended until August 2017. Domingo's position was under scruti [Read story...]

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Dolphins coach wary of Knights attack – Sport24

Sport24Dolphins coach wary of Knights attackSport24Durban – Dolphins coach Grant Morgan says they will give the Knights bowling attack the respect it deserves, but insists they will not fear the opposition when their Sunfoil Series clash at Kingsmead [Read story...]


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Africa’s no-regret route to industrialisation

A business-as-usual approach to industrialisation is not only damaging and costly. But the alternative is actually a much better business proposition. Windmills in the Western Cape, South Africa. Credit: jbdodane. Industrialisation is an imperative f [Read story...]

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‘Jacob Zuma living in a world of his own’

President Jacob Zuma, who said he could not stop the prosecution of Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan because his interference would drive the country “closer to [becoming] a banana republic”, has an “incredible ability to ignore the public mood”. [Read story...]


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6 amazing wildlife encounters

From the shores of the Galápagos to the jungles of Uganda and beyond, these six wildlife encounters are just a few samples from the recently launched Jane Goodall Collection by G Adventures. These experiences were selected to bring you into close, l [Read story...]

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Southern Africa by radio dial

I prepare for a new destination in the guidebook section of the library or bookstore. When I get there, I seek out beautiful photo books of national parks in that place, or a historical memoir on colonialism. Here, I have access to the world. In a gi [Read story...]

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The story behind the Maasai jumping dance

A line of Maasai warriors gathers in the distance, away from the crowd, their warrior shouts punctuating the still air. Grunts follow chants and the pounding of feet, harmony, and heartbeats. They move forward not as 12 men, but as one. One flow, one [Read story...]

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A roughing it guide to the Drakensberg

Drakensberg is one of the most famous mountainous areas in all of South Africa and its towering peaks, beautiful rivers, ravines, streams and fields have kept people from all over South Africa and the world coming back year in and year out. It&rsquo [Read story...]

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An in your face atrocity!

Imagine you are in the most pristine wildlife environment you have ever seen; a trip of a lifetime enjoying being in the wild watching some of Earths’ greatest creatures in their natural habitat. Then you came across this…, a female rhino who at [Read story...]


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Persistent Drought Hits Kenya’s wildlife

Tourists visiting Kenya’s game parks may take a while before they can see or come across their favourite wildlife, thanks to the ongoing drought situation in the country. According to the Kenya Wildlife Services, a national agency in charge of [Read story...]

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Leg Training And Tips With Juan Smith!

Juan Smith shares some important leg training tips as well his leg workout at the end! Read Juan’s full interview! What are your 3 best go to overall leg exercises? Squats Leg press Lunges What are your top 3 tips when training your Quads? Quad [Read story...]

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Dark Chocolate Review | Lindt 70% Cocoa

I have always been a lover of dark chocolate and really prefer the less sweet and more cocoa tasting chocolate. The problem, is finding really good quality and great tasting dark chocolate. Thus I thought I would review and provide a short write up o [Read story...]

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