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Rescuing Nigeria from poverty – Vanguard

VanguardRescuing Nigeria from povertyVanguardIn 2013, the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) put the population of Nigerians living in poverty at about 112 million, representing about 67 per cent of Nigeria's 167 million population at the time. [Read story...]


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Can lean technology benefit the African business?

Businesses will not survive, if they don’t start adopting a lean mindset (start small, fail fast if you will). Economic conditions, customer needs and a lack of financial resources are forcing businesses to operate more efficiently and to engage cu [Read story...]

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Fighting back with technology to combat fraudsters

Technological advances provide more powerful tools in strengthening companies’ defences against fraud, as well as a means for the fraudster to find areas of vulnerability to penetrate. As much as technology helps the company combatting fraud, the f [Read story...]

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Injustice 2 set to include Suicide Squad Members

Injustice 2 set to include Suicide Squad Members. Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and NetherRealm Studios have revealed that two prominent Super-Villain members from the Suicide Squad who are set to square off in Injustice 2. According to the [Read story...]




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5 historical hotels in South Africa

South Africa has an unusual history and with an unusual history comes unusual places to stay with their own story to tell. Many hotels in and around the main cities have great historical importance to the heritage of the country, some dating back a [Read story...]

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10 interesting facts about Cape Town

Every year, thousands of tourists flock to Cape Town to experience the eclectic mix of cultures, it’s history and breathtaking scenery. The city has so much to offer – and the best way to experience it all is to hire a car in Cape Town. If you [Read story...]

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5 great places to slackpack in South Africa

The Dolphin Trail The Dolphin Trail gives hikers the opportunity of exploring the splendid Tsitsikamma Coast. Now with the added bonus of carrying minimal gear, the 17km trail has its origins at the Storms River Mouth in the picturesque Tsitsikamma [Read story...]


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Garmin Vivo Fit 3 Review

When it comes to fitness apps and devices that monitor your heart rate, steps and calories burned etc, I have never been one to really track these things. The only thing I have tracked religiously was my diet calories when trying to lean down for a [Read story...]

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NEWS: Bringing Smiles to Midwives in Uganda

A simple initiative of recognising best performing health workers has brought smiles to the faces of midwives in the eastern Uganda districts of Kamuli, Pallisa and Kibuku. The initiative, which started last year under the Maternal and Neonatal Imple [Read story...]

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